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At Levas & Son Draperies we take utmost pride in the quality of our work. Our team works together with you to ensure that you get exactly what you have dreamed of for your home. Since 1957 Levas and Son Draperies has been serving the greater San Diego area, making dreams come true, one window at a time.

Chris Levas, a tailor, whose wife wanted new draperies, started Levas & Son Draperies in 1957. After buying a new home, Chris Levas had no money for new window coverings. At the request of his wife Mary, he made his first pair of draperies for his new house. When the neighbors noticed that he had beautiful new draperies in his windows, they wanted some for their homes…and that was the beginning of Levas & Son Draperies. Chris Levas worked hard, year in and year out, to perfect the art of making draperies. He started a tradition of hiring and training highly skilled seamstresses to make draperies the “Levas Way.”

Chris Levas had three sons. His youngest son, Tony Levas, who is now the face of Levas and Son Draperies, has worked with him in the business for over 42 years. Over the last 42 years, Tony Levas has helped build Levas & Son Draperies into a well respected, and widely known brand, through his consistent work with San Diego’s top interior designers, happy homeowners, and satisfied commercial space owners.

Like his father, Tony Levas and his wife Chrissy, had three children. The oldest of them is Anthony Levas. Anthony has been working in the business for over 10 years. The tradition of quality-first service continues from generation to generation, and is still the main focus of this hard working team.